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Comedian Julie Osborne uses life stories for laughs

Julie Osborne (Photo courtesy of David Adams)

Born in Cocoa, Florida, comedian Julie Osborne comes from a very diverse background. She started performing stand-up comedy in 2011, however, she has been using her wit and humor to deal with prison inmates and crazy people in corporate America.

In 2012, she started hosting comedy shows for the LGBTQ community, creating opportunities for other like-minded comedians. In 2017, she created and produced Atlanta’s first all-female comedy festival, Atlanta Femme Festival, which highlights some of the city’s best female comics. Currently, she is living between Kissimmee, Florida, and Atlanta.

Let’s talk about your upcoming show. What can the fans expect?

As the host, [it’s] my responsibility set the tone for the night. High-energy comedy material that is catered to the LGBT community.

In general, what led you to comedy?

I’ve been a fan of comedy since I was a little girl. I absolutely love[d] watching the “Carol Burnett Show” and Lucille Ball. One night I saw Whoopi Goldberg performing her stand-up special on HBO. It was the first time I ever saw a Black women comedian perform in front of a diverse audience. I immediately knew I wanted the same. There’s something magical about making a diverse group of people laugh together.

How do you actively seek ideas for routines or do they find you? 

I am a storyteller. I tell stories about my life. I always talk about my super religious mom, and my crazy multicultural in-laws or the stereotypes that I experience as a Black woman with a White woman’s name and I have a gay man’s hair cut. It’s a lot, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

What would you say is the hardest part about being a comedian?

As a comedian, people always expect you to be happy all the time. As a result, most people don’t take [the] time to ask me how I’m doing. The second hardest thing is to perform when you’re having personal issues. You literally have to put your feelings away and still deliver.

In what do you find humor?

I find humor in just about everything. Comedy is a necessity for me to thrive in this crazy world. I even find humor at funerals. Recently, one of my coworkers passed away, and I spoke at her funeral. Everyone was laughing and crying, most important people were focused [on] a happy memory. And just like that, the mood changed in the church.

What affirmations do you repeat to yourself that contribute to your success?

I am very spiritual, and every day I repeat affirmations. I am serving my life[‘s] purpose. My intention is to create an extraordinary experience for each performance.

What do you like listening to before going on stage?

Trap music or anything to get me pumped up.

Top five songs on your playlist that get you pumped up?

Cardi B, “Money”

Ciara, “Level Up”

Lil Duval, “Smile (Living My Best Life)”

Pharrell Williams “Happy”

Olamide, “Wo!!” (Afrobeats)

L.A.X, “Gwara Gwara” (Afrobeats)