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Lamar Odom threatened to kill Khloé Kardashian

Lamar Odom (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

Now that he has sobered up and sworn off the illicit drugs, former NBA All-Star Lamar Odom is able to dissect his own sordid past with surgical precision.

Odom, who won an NBA championship title with legend Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers and later went through a whirlwind romance with Khloe Kardashian before it ended in divorce, admits that he completely misused and abused his ex-wife emotionally.

In fact, Odom had descended so far down the rabbit hole of cocaine addiction, alcoholism and chronic infidelity, that he once hallucinated and threatened Kardashian’s life.

In a poignant interview on “Good Morning America,” Odom discussed the most glaring aspects of his memoir Dark to Light, in which he describes suffering from dangerous depression and continually increasing his narcotics intake and sexual exploits to fill the vast void in his soul.

One day, Odom said he was so outraged that Kardashian, under duress, called his friends over to rescue Odom from himself, that he snapped. He said he later “forcefully” grabbed Kardashian and threatened to kill her.

“What the f–– are you doing?” Odom asked as he roared at Khloé. “You trying to embarrass me in front of my friends? I’ll f––king kill you! You don’t know what I’m capable of!”

“I’m pretty sure she had to be scared at that point in time,” Odom told GMA. “I’m thinking about it now, like, I couldn’t believe how I was treating that queen like that.”

Full of remorse for those dark days, Odom said he owes “[Khloé] and her family an apology … big time,” he said.  “Her friends and family, they had to be embarrassed.”

Afterwards, of course, Kardashian finally booted Odom from their marital home. Later on, Odom hit rock bottom when he was discovered unconscious and near death after a drug overdose at a legal prostitution ranch outside of Las Vegas.