5 steps toward a mentally healthy approach to life

5 steps toward a mentally healthy approach to life
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People are inundated with stress at work and at home. It is how we deal with stress that can affect us frequently in unhealthy ways. The demands can be relentless, and if not addressed, they can cause a person to shut down.

Psychotherapist Reia Chapman shared with rolling out five things that can help you have a mentally healthy approach to life.

What are some things you have done to ensure a healthy approach to life?

I learned how to say “no.” I created personal and professional boundaries, gave myself permission to live my best life with the best people without regret. [I] broke up with the guilt associated with prioritizing my own needs, and I practice investing in myself before anyone else.

How do you mentally shift a negative situation into a positive solution?

First I set my ego aside so I can offer space to hear and be heard. I set intentions rooted in love, respect, and resolve.  Most of the time a person is just trying to get their needs met.  One of the best ways to disarm defensiveness is to listen for understanding and not for a space to jump in to react. Silence, when used appropriately, is therapeutic and a sign of respect for the other person’s feelings.

How do you set mental health and physical health goals?

Personal and professional reflection is an important part of my ongoing development.  It’s important that I practice what I preach and can guide others based on both experience and training.

Why do you set these goals?

I’m very aware of the health history and trends in my family and I made a decision to do things for my wellbeing that support my goals of aging well and living a long life. I don’t equate aging with decline.

What are two things you do to keep mentally balanced and remain energized?

I am committed to a morning routine to feed my mind, body, and spirit before I start my day.  What I do first in my day sets the pace for the rest of it.  Additionally, I set boundaries for myself using organizational tools like calendars, task lists, and reminders to help me disconnect from work and make time for myself and others.

What holistic approaches to health do you practice?

Yoga, clean eating [low carb and sugar-free] organic and whole foods whenever possible, limiting alcohol, no smoking or using mood-altering substances.  Even what I put in my hair and on my skin is so natural it’s edible.

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