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Fusion Flare Kitchen and Cocktails: Handcrafted in Detroit

Fusion Flare Kitchen and Cocktails: Handcrafted in Detroit
Photo courtesy of Mashelle Sykes

Fusion Flare serves an array of cuisines with a potent splash of handcrafted cocktails for a winning combination that’s unique to the community.

Whether it’s the hand-made alfredo sauce or the silky smooth signature cocktails you’re sure to have a plate scraping, last sip taking good time at Fusion Flare.

Rolling out was able to catch up with owner and executive chef, Mashelle Sykes to discuss cuisine, cocktails and the community.

What inspired you to become a chef and restaurant owner?

Cooking has always been my passion. In 2005, we had Time Out Bar and Grill which initially just sold bar food. I wanted to know every aspect of the culinary business and eventually got burned out with the bar business, so I attended culinary school at Oakland Community College. While in school I decided on pursuing Fusion Flare. We had our soft opening in October and our grand opening in January. Detroit is really loving Fusion Flare.

Explain the concept of Fusion Flare.

We wanted something that fit with the theme of things here in the city and reflected what we offer. Fusion Flare is a fusion of different cuisines with a hint of flare. Detroiters are a fusion of different cultures, people and traditions while maintaining our Detroit flair. Fusion Flare is Detroit.

What is the inspiration for Fusion Flare’s emphasis on cocktails?

I wanted to bring something to the Detroit community that I would want if I went to a restaurant. For instance, when I dine out I want to see and taste what they have on their cocktail menu. I wanted to bring hand-crafted cocktails and that experience to the community. Our customers really enjoy it.

How does Fusion Flare encourage new development in Detroit communities and why is it important?

New development in the community is important because they need small businesses like us. It’s the only way Detroit is going to thrive. Downtown is thriving, but we need a variety of small businesses to grow the neighborhoods as well. After fixing our location, a business owner down the street started fixing up his business as well. I hope the city will look into idle properties so that future entrepreneurs can invest in the community and easily start businesses here. I hope Fusion Flare is an inspiration for others.

What does it mean to be a Black female entrepreneur?

It means everything. I want to be a role model for the kids in the neighborhood. Even as a kid, I always knew I wanted to be a business owner. I know my capabilities. I’m a hard worker, am very dedicated and very passionate about what I do. It’s important to be a good example for my son and the young women in the community.

Fusion Flare Kitchen and Cocktails is located at 16801 Plymouth Rd., on Detroit’s west side. To learn more about its signature dishes and drinks, click over to the next page.

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