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R&B and soul singer Davie drops ‘Lesson Learned’ on journey to adulthood

Davie (Photo credit: Jasmine Archie)

Rolling out recently had a conversation with New York-based recording artist, producer and songwriter Davie. Reflecting on past experiences, Davie shared how he overcame adversity by keeping an authentic and positive approach to his career. His newest EP, “Lesson Learned,” is all about expressing oneself along with learning and unlearning on the journey to becoming an adult.

Name: Davie

Industry: Music

City: Los Angeles and New York City

Genre: R&B, Soul

Favorite Artists: Prince, Pharrell Williams and Beyoncé

Describe who Davie is in five words. 

“Brown boy joy in motion.”

What motivates you every day to get up and perfect your craft? 

I feel I have a purpose.

What makes you stand out from other artists?

I grew up loving the old-school artists that sang, danced, spoke publicly and were all-around entertainers. I feel that I have those qualities where most artists today may not feel that it’s as cool to entertain. They may feel it’s inauthentic.

Which artists can you relate to and why?

My perception of these artists might be off, but I believe one of the artists I relate to the most is Pharrell. I believe it is hard to tear down barriers in regards to stigmatizing what a Black man is in the music community. “He’s not a rapper, he’s not an R&B crooner, he is Pharrell.” I like to believe I also relate to Sam Cooke in a way. Coming from the church world, singing secular music was supported, but I did not listen to it growing up.

Which song is your favorite on your upcoming EP “Lesson Learned” and why?

Definitely “Girls Raised In the South.” That song was fun to play live. It has an OutKast vibe.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this industry, and how has it shaped you?

I’ve learned to always say hello and thank you. Don’t take anything personally. Smile and keep it moving. Follow up, rehearse and grind daily.