Attorney Joseph Wilson explains how Johnnie Cochran inspired him

Joseph Wilson (Photo provided)

Joseph Wilson is a personal injury trial lawyer at J.L. Wilson Trial Law LLC. The firm represents victims of serious injuries and families of wrongful death victims who have been involved in car and truck crashes, slip-and-fall accidents, or crimes committed on commercial properties.

He also is the creator of Fearless Public Speaking, a six-week online course to help entrepreneurs and corporate professionals overcome their anxiety and master the art of public speaking.

Wilson spoke with rolling out about how the late attorney Johnnie Cochran inspired him.

What or who attracted you to the legal profession?

Johnnie Cochran. He is the one person who made me want to become a lawyer. I loved seeing this Black man command the courtroom in a profession primarily dominated by White men and see him grow to become perhaps the most well-known lawyer in the country.

How do you incorporate technology into your law practice?

We try to do that quite a bit [in] everything from social media to cloud-based software. It’s an instrumental part of our society, and we must continue to integrate it into our practice to keep up with the times.

What qualities make for an effective lawyer?

I think the qualities that make an effective lawyer are intellect, confidence, good communication skill and great patience.

Who would you like to emulate? Who were your role models?

I still strive to emulate Johnnie Cochran but also Malcolm X. Speaking truth to power, being fearless and being accountable, these are all traits that I have seen in these two men and I try to emulate.

Why should the role of legal professionals be appreciated more?

I always say everyone dislikes lawyers until they need one. The fact of the matter is that in our community, we absolutely need to take advantage of hiring counsel if we find ourselves in a situation with our justice system. Lawyers have the ability to keep us out of jail, negotiate deals on our behalf, and protect us from the criminal justice system. In fact, we need more lawyers of color, in my opinion.

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