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A$AP Rocky could get millions from Sweden if found not guilty

A$AP Rocky could get millions from Sweden if found not guilty

A$AP Rocky stands to collect over $2 million dollars from the Swedish government if he is exonerated of the assault charges that he is being investigated for.

First things first: A$AP has to ensure that he’s not found guilty. Rocky has been languishing away for the past three weeks but has yet to be formally charged.

Friends and family expect A$AP Rocky, who was born Rakim Mayers in Harlem, New York, 30 years ago, to be charged on Thursday, as TMZ reported last week.

It is very unlikely that, if he is indicted, A$AP will be allowed out of jail until the trial. He will most likely stay in confinement since Swedish prosecutors successfully convinced the judge in the case that the rapper is a flight risk.

The “Praise the Lord” rapper had better be doing just that, as he faces up to six years in prison for assault if he is convicted.

But on the chance that A$AP is vindicated of the charge or charges, this is how Swedish law works: according to TMZ, A$AP would be compensated for lost wages.

A$AP has already logged three weeks in jail. If he is indicted and has to stay in jail, months will transpire and he will lose millions of dollars in earned income from his canceled tour dates and major festival appearances. TMZ says A$AP has already canceled 12 dates so far and has seven more shows booked in September. If he misses the September bookings, which he is estimated to get $100,000 per show, that easily adds up to almost $2 million dollars. It could exceed $2M by the time the trial is over, if it comes to that.

If A$AP is found not guilty, Sweden would be on the hook for the lost income.

TMZ adds there is “no guarantee” that Rocky will get all his money. The country would have to be “forced” to pay back a defendant who beats the charges.

Stay tuned for further developments, while his mother, Kari Mayers, worries for her son in a TMV video interview below:

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