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‘White supremacist terrorism’ blamed after 2 mass shootings in 24 hours

Photo source: @PatrickCrusius via Facebook

Within 24 hours, two mass shootings took place in America. Both of the suspects were White males. Patrick Wood Crusius, 21, was arrested shortly after he allegedly killed 20 people and wounded 26 after opening fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on Aug. 3.

Crusius is an alleged White supremacist and supporter of the United States president. Shortly after midnight, Connor Betts, 24, was killed by police after he started shooting in a party district in Dayton, Ohio. Six of the nine people killed were Black, according to The Washington Post.

Following both shootings, the subject of White male terrorists became a popular topic of discussion on social media. While the U.S. president and other right-wing politicians have focused on Islamic terrorists and illegal immigrants, homegrown terrorists are destroying the fabric of the country but few resources are trained on fighting that issue — or even acknowledging that it is a problem. The issue can’t be solved until White supremacist terrorism is identified as an American problem.

Below are several comments made with the trending hashtag, #Whitesupremacistterrorism.