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Food and Nutrition » Cornerstone Village Bar and Grille raising spirits in Detroit

Cornerstone Village Bar and Grille raising spirits in Detroit

CVBG Detroit

Cornerstone Village Bar and Grille owners Terence Cherry, Rokib Myles and Wil French pictured with Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey (Photo credit: Jourdan Bender for Steed Media)

From whiskey tastings to culturally infused music and cuisine, Cornerstone Village Bar and Grille is just as unique as the vibrant blue settees that line their walls.

Co-owners Terence Cherry, Rokib Myles, Wil French and Derek Muller are the masterminds behind the irresistible atmosphere in the venue that borders Detroit and Grosse Pointe. 

Rolling out caught up with Cherry, French and Myles to talk about the cornerstone of the community.

Explain the concept of Cornerstone Village Bar and Grille.

Rokib Myles: I’ve owned businesses and been around entrepreneurs my whole life. With Mr. French, I witnessed the process of nightclub ownership. When the opportunity presented itself we acquired the space. It sounds simple, however, the process took months.

Describe the type of food you serve.

Terence Cherry: We offer American cuisine from salmon burgers to our legendary wings. We offer catering and birthday celebrations, too. 

Wil French: On our themed nights we marry music and food by featuring guest chefs. So on Caribbean night, we feature Caribbean food. 

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