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Corey Smith says Major League Baseball embraces urban culture, diversity

Within hip-hop culture, baseball caps and jerseys have always played a role when it comes to style, how does MLB consistently tap into that space?
For a while, people have been wearing baseball hats and wearing jerseys. And so even if you’re not an organic or true baseball fan, you’ve been wearing our merchandise. Hip-hop has been an incredible connection to the brand, particularly just from a fashion perspective. For us, it’s really about the look and if we can tap into the fashion and lifestyle side of it.

One of the initiatives that MLB is doing revolves around youth baseball. How has that program thrived?

Our youth development and youth baseball departments are doing some incredible work under the leadership of Tony Reagins to make sure that our youth across the board are playing the game of baseball. Along with helping inner-city youth, there is a big push for our women’s initiatives and making sure that girls are playing the game of baseball. We’re making sure our youth are engaged in our sport. All may not make it [to the] pros, but if you put them on this path where they are just enjoying the game and playing the game, then who knows what can happen? You may have an 18 year-old that’s ready to be drafted [in the] first round. The idea of getting kids from all backgrounds playing the game of baseball is important to us as an organization.


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