How Nigerian-Canadian rapper Dax went from shooting hoops to selling records

How are you feeling as you embark on your first headlining tour?

Touring is tough. It’s hard to sell tickets to get people to come out of their homes and get off their phones. So, I’m excited to build up my touring base the same way [as] my social media base; one person at a time. It’s my first tour. I’m not really worried about ticket sales. Obviously, people are going to show up. I’m more worried about just touching each person and making an impact.

Tell us about being an independent recording artist today.

You have to really want to be successful as an independent artist. No one’s going to go and do it for you. There’s no major label just pumping a bunch of money. I would say that the benefit of being an independent artist is that when you build it yourself, no one can break it but you.

What can fans expect next from you? 

I have these two tours and, in terms of music, I have this song coming up next called “Self Proclaimed 3.” “Self Proclaimed” is really about empowerment. I have the Rap Demi-God EP that’s coming sometime next year.

Check out Dax’s track “Self Proclaimed 2” as well as his moves on the basketball court below in the video below.

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