Reality star Brooke Valentine says her mom told her to marry light man (video)

Former “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Brooke Valentine stunned urbanites when she revealed her mother ordered her and her siblings to marry a Nigerian or a light-skinned man with “good” hair. It was so instilled in Valentine that she needed to marry a Nigerian man that she once thought that she originated from the […]

Nigerian painter Collins Obijaku explores Black identity through art

Self-taught Nigerian artist Collins Obijakurefers to himself as a custodian of contemporary Black culture. He uses his art as a vehicle to explore the evolving consciousness and contexts of his own identity. Using charcoal, he brings his subjects to life on the canvas with contoured lines and fingerprint-like designs. In his latest series “Kings’ Collection; […]

Young Nigerian designer Tia Adeola debuts collection at New York Fashion Week

For all designers, debuting their collections at New York Fashion Week is a dream, but for one young African designer, that dream became a reality this weekend. Teniola “Tia” Adeola, 24, who began her career in 2016 designing sexy and sheer, ruffled styles for her brand, Slashed by Tia, made her solo debut at Spring […]

How Nigerian-Canadian rapper Dax went from shooting hoops to selling records

Dax is a Canadian-born rapper with Nigerian roots who is taking the music industry by storm — one fan at a time. He was a regular college athlete playing basketball before discovering his passion for poetry and music. In 2017, the artist relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his rap career. Dax began to make […]

D’IYANU creates bold styles that celebrate African heritage

D’IYANU (dee-AH-noo) is a ready-to-wear clothing brand created by Nigerian designer Addie Olutola in 2014. Inspired by her African heritage, she creates boldly patterned garments for those who want to wear modern African clothing at an affordable price. Olutola spoke with rolling out about her brand and its identity. Where did your love for fashion […]

Tamar Braxton reveals more about new boyfriend

There is one aspect of Tamar Braxton’s life that is reportedly going great. After enduring a very public divorce, being forced to sell her Los Angeles home at an embarrassing discount, and having a meltdown with Iyanla Vanzant on the “Braxton Family Values” reality show, she says she has found true love. And now the […]

How blogger Coco Bassey is building a fashion empire

Coco Bassey is a 30-year-old fashion blogger and creative who has the ability to develop content that captivates. She began her blog “Millennielle” in 2013 to show the modern-day young woman how to elevate her everyday life. Over the past five years, she has developed her craft and built a community of followers that has grown to more […]

Atlanta model featured in controversial Dove ad speaks out

Earlier this month, Dove posted (and pulled) a commercial featuring a Black woman stripping down to reveal a White woman. Needless to say, it was a total miss, as many people considered the ad racist. Now, Lola Ogunyemi, the beautiful model featured in the ad, is taking aim at racism in the beauty industry in an […]

Sheila O shines light on Afrobeat through urban radio

Sheila Okonji-Ashinze is not your run-of-the-mill music industry professional. She is a woman of talent and vision who has helped bridge cultural gaps around the world through music. She is continuing this work by hosting a show on urban radio in Chicago focused solely on the genre of Afrobeat. We spoke to Okonji-Ashinze about her […]

Teen son pregnancy prank with different cultures

[jwplatform QT3crz5C] This viral video shows the way Black American, Afghan, Nigerian and White American parents react to their sons getting a girl pregnant. Fortunately for the parents, it was just a prank.

Rotimi becomes newest heartthrob on ‘Power’

Rotimi joins ‘Power’ cast Season two of “Power” kicks off with the same beloved lineup, but a new edition has been added to the show’s all-star cast. He goes by the name Rotimi. You may recognize his handsome face from playing Darius Robinson on the drama series “Boss” back in 2011. It seems Starz just can’t get enough of the Nigerian-American heartthrob after […]

Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls being married off to Muslim terrorists

Western media and local officials are stating that the 200 girls kidnapped recently by terrorists from the group Boko Haram are being given out as brides. According to Nigerian government news sources the girls were being sold for 2,000 naira or $12 U.S. dollars each to Boko Haram leaders near the borders of Cameroon and […]