Retired NBA player calls Lonzo Ball ‘a bust,’ dares his daddy to buck (video)

Kendrick Perkins (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Retired NBA bruiser Kendrick Perkins is no stranger to controversy and has made it his business to tell his truth whenever he appears on ESPN’s popular afternoon hoop show, “NBA Jump.” Yesterday, Dec. 19, was no different as Perkins unleashed verbal insults aimed at former Los Angeles Laker Lonzo Ball.

Ball, drafted second in the 2017 draft, was expected to take over the reins of arguably the most popular franchise in sports. Because he was always flanked by his boisterous father, Lavar, Ball became a target for some professional players. The most infamous incident of him getting “broken in” was at the hands of Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Clippers, who hounded the rookie relentlessly the first time they squared off.

During the show Perkins was asked if Ball will improve from the space he is in after being traded to the struggling New Orleans Pelicans – which lost its franchise rookie superstar, Zion Williamson, in the pre-season due to a knee injury.

“This is who he is,” Perkins told moderator Rachel Nichols. “He’s not a superstar and he’s not a star. He was a number two pick with high expectations from his father and everybody else and to me he’s a bust, because this is not … number two production. This is not what you draft a number twoΒ  pick for.”

When commentator Zach Lowe jumped in to share his thoughts and affirm that he was not in favor of using the “b-word” (bust), Perkins said:

“It’s okay. I gotcha back if his daddy run up on you. It’s okay to say what you gotta say.”

Perkins was, of course, referring to the always outrageous and bombastic Lavar Ball, who claimed his son was better than Stephen Curry while he was a freshman at UCLA.

Peep the whole conversation after the jump.

N. Ali Early
N. Ali Early

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