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Eyewear stylist Margie Toney sets her sights on success

What are three of the best things about being a stylist?

I am passionate about helping others. I love making people feel and look good. As an
optical stylist, I can ensure that you not only achieve optimal vision but [also] that by carrying an eclectic assortment of independent eyewear, it sets you apart. I am a boutique
company, and we emphasize quality rather than quantity. The experience is

What role does social media play in marketing today?

Social media has changed the playing field. My reach is so much greater now. I can
virtually assist a client with eyewear selections from all over the world. I can also see
what is trending in other places that I would never have had access to previously.

What collaborations do you see happening in the future?

I envision a collaboration featuring my own capsule collection of eyewear to address
some of the needs that are still lacking, such as the longer temple length and wider bridge
to accommodate African Americans and Hispanics.

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