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Eyewear stylist Margie Toney sets her sights on success

Margie Toney (Photo credit: Toni Dubois)

Eyewear stylist Margie Toney is making glasses a style staple by keeping her finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving spectacles industry.

Toney views eyewear as an extension of personality and unique expression. She customizes her optical consultations to elevate each client’s style into a one-of-a-kind signature look. For that reason, she is in high demand by business professionals, actors, musicians and style mavens, such as Fashion Bomb Daily CEO Claire Sulmers, Harriet actress Cynthia Erivo and supermodel Lois Samuels, among others.

Toney’s high-end eyewear boutique, Style Eyes Optical, is located in the burgeoning Brooklyn Business District. Rolling out spoke with Toney about her styling career.

When did you become interested in styling?

As far as I can recall, I was always into fashion, clothing and accessories. My defining moment was at the age of 14. I remember going into the malls and seeing these gorgeous pieces of clothing and imagining pulling outfits together.

Who inspired you to pursue your dream of becoming a stylist?

Diane Von Furstenberg was a big influence on me. She created the iconic wrap dress,
which transcended to all age groups, demographics, body sizes and ethnicities. I
quickly realized that I wanted to do something that would have an impact on people
in a similar manner.

What was your first creative position, and what did you learn that you apply
today to your professional creative practice?

While in college, I got a sales position at an optical store in the financial district. I
started to observe the eyewear that people were wearing, I paid close attention
to the fit, their style and personality along with the general aesthetic.

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