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Politics » Stacey Abrams ‘very interested’ in becoming America’s 1st female vice president

Stacey Abrams ‘very interested’ in becoming America’s 1st female vice president

Stacey Abrams (Photo by A.R. Shaw for Steed Media)

Stacey Abrams shared her thoughts this week about becoming America’s first female vice president.

On Thursday, Jan. 23, Abrams served as the keynote speaker at Morehouse College’s “Martin Luther King Jr. Collection Annual Lecture and Conversation Series.”

During a discussion with Morehouse College professor David Wall Rice, Ph.D., inside the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center, Abrams shared her thoughts on the 2020 national election and the potential of becoming a vice presidential nominee.

“I was asked an unusual question about whether I would want to be vice president long before we even had candidates for the office,” Abrams said. “At the time, I said I do not run for second place in a primary. I also said that I would be honored to stand in service as the nominee of our party. And if that nominee decides that they would like for me to serve as their running mate and potential vice presidential candidate, I would be honored.”

The audience gave Abrams a standing ovation before she continued.

“I can’t be coy about something like this because when women of color are given opportunities to declare their interest in service and be empowered, we are doing a disservice to everyone if we step back from it.”

Abrams ended her statement by saying, “I am very interested.”

Abrams nearly made history by becoming the first Black woman to serve as Georgia’s governor but came up short in 2018 in her race against Republican Brian Kemp.

Following her defeat, Abrams founded Fair Fight with the hopes of stopping voter suppression.