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DaBaby answers whether he cheated on the mother of his kids

Rapper DaBaby (Photo: Instagram – @dababy)

The mother of DaBaby’s children went on social media to expose the rapidly-rising rap renegade for impregnating another woman outside of their relationship.

Initially, the Cleveland-born DaBaby, 28, was deliberately coy about whether MeMe, the mother of his two children, was spitting truth over the airwaves about his alleged infidelity.

In a series of Instagram Stories that are no longer available but were captured by The Shade Room and others, the mother pulled back the sheets of their relationship.

MeMe also posted this Instagram Story message for DaBaby fans:

After getting wind that MeMe was airing their dirty laundry for public consumption, DaBaby, who was born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, climbed onto his own IG page to deliver this scathing message to the mother of his children:

It wasn’t until later that DaBaby, 28, came clean that he indeed got another unnamed woman pregnant. However, he adamantly denies that he and MeMe were together at the time that he helped someone else conceive a child.

“When my new-coming blessing was conceived, me and shawty was not together, shawty was not with me, living with me, was not f—ing with me in any way, shape, or form,”

Listen to DaBaby in his own words below: