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DaBaby explains why he assaulted yet another fan (video)

Rapper DaBaby (Image source: Instagram – @dababy)

Rising rap star DaBaby explains why he was captured on video throwing a Beverly Hills hotel employee against the wall last week.

DaBaby felt compelled to elaborate on this latest fan encounter because he believes certain media outlets have painted a narrative of him as a celebrity who is frequently violent with fans.

This latest incident went down after the hotel employee reportedly followed the “Pop Star” rapper and his crew outside of the hotel to ask for an autograph, which DaBaby says he politely declined. The next footage shows DaBaby following the employee back into the hotel and slamming him against the wall and forcing him to sit down in a chair while DaBaby delivers a stern lecture.

DaBaby was in town performing at The Shrine in neighboring Los Angeles the night before, TMZ reports.

The 28-year-old rapper, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk in Cleveland, was able to leave the hotel without incident and the Beverly Hills Police Department was not notified.

However, DaBaby was angry that TMZ failed to tell the entire story on its website. DaBaby believes that if someone from the hotel gave TMZ the hotel surveillance footage of the attack then the publication had a responsibility to investigate why the episode went down before publishing the story.

DaBaby believes TMZ failed to tell the whole story, the rapper took to Instagram to explain it himself.

DaBaby claims to his nearly 10 million Instagram followers that he politely turned down a hotel valet’s request to film him and his daughter. When the valet continued on anyway, DaBaby got hot.

Read DaBaby’s account of the episode below: