Jasmine Jordan shares lessons from her father, all-time favorite Air Jordans

Jasmine Jordan (Photo credit: Ariel Perry)

Jasmine Jordan understands what it takes to achieve greatness. The daughter of legendary NBA player and owner Michael Jordan, she was raised to put in the focus and hard work to accomplish success.

A graduate of Syracuse University where she studied sports management, Jordan now works as a field representative for the Nike Jordan Brand.

During a recent interview with rolling out, she discussed lessons from her father and favorite Air Jordan sneakers, and the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance.

What are your thoughts on the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance?

My father shared with us that there were moments that were filmed. I was young at the time so I don’t remember the camera crews being around. Once the director reached out to my father and our family, we were like “Wow, this is really happening.” I love it, its been super exciting to watch along with everyone else.

What was the most interesting thing you discovered about your father when watching the documentary? 

I always knew he was funny, but seeing him joke around with teammates was interesting. From a basketball standpoint, it has been great to see his competitive nature on the court. I deal with his competitive nature at home. He wants to be the first to finish dinner (laughs). So it’s good to see that same drive when he was on the court.

As an executive at Nike Jordan Brand, can you describe your role and some of the things that you do on a daily basis?

I am the liaison between Jordan Brand and the athletes that we have signed on Jordan Brand. I make sure that our players get everything from footwear to apparel to succeed on the court and to be fashionable off the court. And we make sure that they’re doing custom colorways for their games. Then, on the back end, when we do photo shoots and appearances, I make sure I get everything on schedule so that way we can market each player.

What have you learned most from your father in terms of business?

When my dad played in the NBA, he trusted his gut. That translated to business as well, and he definitely instilled that in me. Because if it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right. So, when it came to business, he’s always made sure to remind me to always trust my instincts, trust my gut and trust my feelings because those are the most natural reactions you can have. And if it doesn’t feel right, there’s a very good chance that it’s not right. That’s something I definitely carry into every decision I make.

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