‘Shahs of Sunset’ star admits she dated R. Kelly for 3 years (video)

‘Shahs of Sunet’ reality TV star Sara Jeihooni (Image source: YouTube/Bravo TV/Shahs of Sunset)

There aren’t very many more shocking revelations to be made regarding the sordid and ongoing case of sinking singer R. Kelly. But perhaps this is one of them.

Newcomer “Shahs of Sunset” star Sara Jeihooni certainly made her introduction on the Bravo reality TV show memorable when she admitted that she dated Robert Sylvester Kelly for three years.

Jeihooni, 29, told her confidante Reza Farahan, that two federal agents showed up at her home to deliver a subpoena about her ex-boyfriend Kelly.

The 53-year-old beleaguered R&B singer has been slapped with a slew of indictments on the state and federal levels related to sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, racketeering, the Mann Act and other felony charges.

Farahan seemed to be channeling the viewers’ collective thoughts when he blurted out: “Who the hell is your ex?”

“Robert Kelly,” she said shyly. And when Farahan wore a look of disbelief, as if to say, “how could you date someone like him?”,  Jeihooni responded:

“Robert was very charming, so kind — definitely not what I would have expected,” she said during her confession.

“No, we had an adult relationship.”

“I didn’t see him with an underage person, it was never even a thing,” she explained, adding she was shocked to find out that there were “other women.”

“One day I’m in Chicago with him and he tells me, ‘I’m having a party at my studio tonight, but if you can’t be cool, don’t come,’” she revealed.

Later in the episode, Jeihooni said that once others found out, they looked at her as if she had three eyes.

“Everyone’s looking at me, like ‘How the f— could you you date him?’ and I’m thinking, like, it was just not how I perceived it.”

“I don’t speak to him anymore,” she continued. “And I’ve watched the documentary and I’m like, the person I loved is a monster, but I don’t know that guy.”

Check out Jeihooni’s confessional on ‘Shahs of Sunset’ below:

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