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White woman beat down on flight after calling Black people the N-word (video)

Photo credit: / Sky Sajjaphot

The friendly skies aren’t always so friendly.

A video of a fight that occurred on American Airlines has gone viral. On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the video began trending on social media. In the video, posted by Facebook user Dre Justice, a Black woman became upset with a White woman who sat next to her and allegedly called a Black male crew member the N-word.

The Black passenger chastised the White passenger for using the racial epithet.

“You’re gonna sit here and call him a ‘f—ing n—-r’ while you’re sitting beside an African American woman,”  the Black passenger asked. “You are f—ing stupid. You need to be locked the f— up. I hope they lock your a– up ’cause you a dumb-a– b—-.”

The White passenger did not back down and dared the Black passenger to hit her. “Hit me if you’re trying to,” the White passenger said. She also yelled, “My cousin is Black.”

The two continued to argue, and the White woman used the racial slur again. This time, she directed it at the Black passenger. In turn, the Black passenger grabbed the White woman by the neck and began yelling at her.

“Who’s a n—-r?!” the Black passenger asked. “B—-, you done lost your motherf—ing mind! You done lost your motherf—ing mind!”

The White passenger shouted, “Get the f— off me,” as the Black flight crew member attempted to separate the two.

View video after the jump. (Warning: NSFW)

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