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Tori Spelling hammered for calling daughter ‘McQuisha’ (photo)

Actress Tori Spelling (Instagram – @torispelling)

Tori Spelling has emerged from the avalanche of hate that buried her on Tuesday, March 17, to apologize for calling her daughter “McQuisha” because she posed with fake nails, replete with Cheetos in place of nails.

On Wednesday, March, 18, the former “Beverly Hills 90210” star, 46, who was born in nearby Los Angeles, returned to her Instagram story to offer an apology for her error in judgment.

“I posted a story the other day that upset many of you. I’m truly sorry. That was NOT the intention at ALL. Hattie is 8. We watch and adore old reruns of ‘Martin,'” Spelling wrote, adding that her daughter “loves” the character Sheneneh, played by Martin Lawrence.

“She made up that name with “Mc” bc her last name is McDermott,” the actress continued. “She was reenacting the over the top fun and amazing character from ‘Martin.’ She is innocent and I didn’t mean anything by it. I should have thought about how it could have been perceived and misconstrued before I posted. I did not. I’m truly sorry.”

Meanwhile, Spelling continues to be mopped up by Black Twitter which did not find the joke very funny.