Angela Hawkins created Bamblu to transform sleep habits

What effect is artificial intelligence having on innovation in your life or business?

As far as innovation, I would say the most obvious is e-commerce. The reason I say that is because I mentioned I had an interior design business and that was 12 years ago. And you know, e-commerce, the internet was there, but it wasn’t prevalent. I wanted to develop a bedding line, but at that time, you had to build your brand — establish a brand before you could release a product that would get traction. I went back to corporate and I never built that brand recognition. Coming back out of corporate nine years later, it was an opportunity where you could build this e-commerce platform and launch a product and your brand at the same time. So e-commerce built an environment where anybody if they have the gumption, can become that home, recognizable brand.

What is a fun fact that no one knows about you? 

In grade school, I auditioned to be on a dance TV show. I was on “Dance Junction” in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. And it was a local TV show, but it was on TV. That was always special for me.

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