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Mother-daughter duo, Rozalynn and Gabby Goodwin, solve hair woes for girls

Mother-daughter duo, Rozalynn and Gabby Goodwin, solve hair woes for girls
Gabby Goodwin (Photo provided)

Rozalynn Goodwin and her 7-year-old daughter Gabby are the founders of Confidence by Gabby Goodwin — a natural hair care brand for children. Together, they solved the problem of loose, poor quality hair barrettes by inventing GaBBy Bows.

The brand, inspired by Gabby’s own hair woes, is the first patented double-faced, double snap hair barrette on the market. The accessory, along with plant based natural hair products, is helping families reduce the dread that comes with styling their little girls’ hair.

We spoke with Goodwin about her businesses and her daughter’s entrepreneurial spirit.

How would you describe the evolution of your business?

Our business all started when Gabby was 5, she was insisting daily that we create a barrette that would stay in her hair. She was getting in trouble for losing her hair barrettes. I’d spend 10-15 minutes styling her hair. She looked amazing. She came back from school and half of the barrettes were gone [and] her hair was all over the place. And I [would] scold her almost every day. “Where are your bows? What are you doing with your bows?” Her 5-year-old mind couldn’t fathom why we would still have this problem and she started asking me daily, “Mom, can we make a bow that won’t slip out of my hair?” 

What was the evolution from the barrettes that can be transformed to another product?

We were always demonstrating how the barrettes would work then we would go live — when Gabby was getting her hair done. We were using other people’s hair products. We realized that we had a great audience and following of people who had a number of questions about girls’ natural hair care and styling. Many of our moms are going natural and many of them want their daughters to remain natural and want them to love and appreciate their hair. So we decided to do a poll and figure out what their main pain points were.

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