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Annie Malone’s niece calls out missing facts in series about Madam C.J. Walker

Sasha Turnbo (via @sashaturnbo)

The Netflix series “Self Made” tells the harrowing story of Madam C.J. Walker, an astute and accomplished Black businesswoman who became a millionaire in the early 1900s.

However, many viewers have issues with the direction of the series, which is based on Walker’s life. For instance, Addie Monroe is based on Annie Turnbo Malone. In the series, Addie Monroe is viewed as Walker’s nemesis, and in several scenes, the two women face off in an imaginary boxing ring. Monroe is also depicted as a mulatto, which is a dated term for a mixed-race person.

In real life, Annie Malone was a fair-skinned Black woman who taught Walker the hair business before Walker branched out on her own. Many believe that Malone was America’s first Black millionaire.

In seeking to keep her aunt’s legacy alive, Malone’s niece, Sasha Turnbo, took issue with the series.

“Annie Turnbo Malone was nothing as this series portrayed,” Turnbo said on a post featured on Instagram. “My aunt established her business, started selling products and doing in-house demonstrations for African American women. Annie learned about herbalism from her own aunt. Before Mary Kay or Avon, there was Poro.”

Turnbo said Walker — whose real name was Sarah Breedlove — was taught by Malone.

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