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Music » T.I., Killer Mike serve 500 meals to families during COVID-19 pandemic

T.I., Killer Mike serve 500 meals to families during COVID-19 pandemic

T.I. and Killer Mike continue to give back to the community during the global pandemic. On May 6, the Atlanta natives teamed up with PAWkids, which offers social and emotional support to children and families that have been affected by the global pandemic crisis.

Over 500 families received meals that consisted of chicken fried rice, fruit, and dessert. The meals were sponsored by Mercedes Benz, which distributes more than 1,000 meals weekly to PAWkids, which then serves the food to families in Atlanta’s Grovepark community.

After serving meals, the Grammy Award winners went to the homes of unsuspecting families and delivered $500 in cash, food for two weeks and personal hygiene products.

Since March, when shelter-in-place measures were taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, millions of Americans have lost employment and small businesses have closed or lost money.

T.I. and Killer Mike both believe that it was imperative to help those who are in need.

“In any crisis, Black people confront dual challenges,” T.I. said in a statement. “We deal with the challenge of racism, and we deal with the crisis itself. COVID-19 is no exception. What we saw today was an overwhelming sense of need, but also a sense of hope. We are investing in that hope and belief that tomorrow can be better than today.”

Killer Mike echoed those statements by saying that he is thankful to be able to help people who are suffering during this time.

“The collaboration with PAWkids is an indication of the relationship Bankhead Seafood hopes to maintain with the local community where both me and Tip grew up,” Killer Mike said. “We know there are a lot of people suffering from food insecurity, and giving back is not only our responsibility but our pleasure. An added honor is supporting PAWkids, whom we like to call earth angels.”