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ACLU lawyer Christopher Bruce uncovering truths and lies in Ahmaud Arbery case

Let’s go with what people are saying: He was on somebody else’s property; he was trespassing. Not under Georgia law. Under Georgia law, you have to either enter a premise for an unlawful purpose, have someone who is the owner specifically tell you do not come on my property, or have someone authorized by the owner once you are on the property tell you to get off. None of those scenarios meet. You can go on private property, and unless someone’s telling you to get off, you can be there for just purpose.

He didn’t take anything, he didn’t destroy anything, and he didn’t do anything improper. … People are trying to do whatever it takes to make another Black man into a criminal.

Can you clarify the idea that he somehow was not within his rights to fight against the alleged perpetrators with guns?

If I have two White men follow me down the street in a pickup truck with shotguns, and they jump out, you don’t think that I’m gonna react? I’m gonna fight to my last breath. That is what they can do under Georgia’s stand-your-ground law.

This is something that needs to be revised. You do not want private citizens to become vigilantes under the law. There’s a reason why you pay taxes …  They should have called the police and waited on them to investigate.

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