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Kayla Jackson shares tips for coping with anxiety during pandemic

Health care social worker Kayla Jackson says she believes that while we can’t control the coronavirus, we can control how we choose to deal with it.

Joining rolling out’s CEO Munson Steed on a recent segment of Health IQ, Jackson said some individuals are experiencing increased anxiety and stress, but learning to deal with these emotions in a healthy way will be crucial to life after the COVID-19  pandemic. She said the best way to cope is to implement a routine, which will help individuals to regain a sense of control during these uncertain times.

As a health care social worker, what have you seen since the COVID-19 pandemic started in our community? 

The main thing that I’ve seen is that all of us have really been able to realize and understand our commonalities and the fact that COVID-19 does not look at race, it does not look at socioeconomic status. I think that one of the main things I’ve seen is how much we realize we’re in this thing together.

How do you counsel those individuals in the health care setting to begin to heal? 

For many of us, it’ll be adjusting to life after COVID once we get there, and I think those are uncertain times for all of us. But the main thing I try to do when I am providing therapy to anyone that I’m working with is to really allow them to focus more on the here and the now. It’s uncertain times. We don’t know when this is going to be over. And then you’re adding on, in addition to that, a multitude of medical issues. And then aside from medical issues, we’re now talking about depression and anxiety.

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