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Ahmaud Arbery reportedly called N-word after he was killed by White suspects

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The White men who have been charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery allegedly used a racial slur after killing him. On June 4, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Richard Dial testified in a preliminary hearing in Glynn County, according to WSB.

During the testimony, Dial shared information about what has been discovered in the investigation of Arbery’s death. William Bryan, the man who filmed Arbery as he was shot by Travis McMichael, told authorities that Travis called Arbery a racial slur after he shot him.

Bryan told authorities that Travis McMichael called Arbery “F—-g n—-” as he laid motionless on the street before police arrived at the scene.

On Feb. 23, Arbery was killed while jogging a few miles from his Brunswick home after Travis and Greg McMichael pursued Arbery in a pickup truck, claiming that he looked like someone who had been breaking into homes in the neighborhood. Arbery, who was unarmed, was shot and killed after he was confronted by the McMichaels. For 74 days, neither was charged with a crime.

Footage from surveillance cameras revealed that Bryan was with the McMichaels as they chased Arbery through their neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia. For nearly five minutes, they drove behind him with their guns out as Arbery ran. Bryan blocked Arbery from the rear with his car and the McMichaels cut him off from the front in their pickup trucks, according to testimony by Dial.

At that point, Arbery was trapped before he was ultimately shot and killed.

Arbery’s alleged killers would make history if they are convicted and then receive the death penalty.

Since 1976, Georgia has executed 76 death row inmates, according to the Georgia Death Penalty Information Center. However, in the state of Georgia, no White person has ever been executed for killing a Black person.