Black store owner’s jaw broken by White cop after reporting a robbery (video)

Black store owner's jaw broken by White cop after reporting a robbery (video)
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A Black store owner endured police brutality after calling the police for help. Police recently released portions of a surveillance video that showed the arrest of Kevin Penn, owner of Star Spirits & Beverages in Decatur, Alabama.

On March 15, someone reportedly attempted to rob Penn’s store, according to Advance Local. Penn was able to protect himself and held the suspect at gunpoint, then called police. However, when the three White police officers arrived at the store, they attacked Penn.

The short video clip, which has no sound, shows Penn carrying a gun in his store and seemingly having a discussion with the cops. Penn discharged the clip from the gun and laid it on the counter. He also began to take the bullets out of the clip. The three White officers, whose identities have yet to be revealed, approached Penn with force. One officer punched Penn in the face and the other three cops slammed him to the ground and placed him in handcuffs. Although Penn was attempting to solve a crime that took place in his store, he was charged with obstructing their investigation of the robbery.

Penn reportedly endured physical harm from the punch, which resulted in him having a broken jaw, losing teeth, and having his mouth wired shut. He’s also had to attend physical therapy following the incident.

During a press conference held on June 8, officers claimed that they yelled at Penn to put the gun down before attacking him. However, Alabama is an open carry state which allows gun owners to carry a weapon. The clip has since gone viral and many on social media are accusing the cops of using excessive force against Penn.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and global protests that followed, people across the country are calling for national police reform.

The police officers who were involved in Penn’s attack have yet to be reprimanded for their actions.

Watch surveillance video after the jump.

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