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Fighting through chaos

How to train like a boxer

  1. Jump rope. This classic boxing exercise aids with coordination, agility, footwork and endurance. In life, knowing when to quickly change direction is necessary and a determining factor to how long you will marinate in your current circumstances.
  2. Burpees. Increase strength and endurance — two components that are vital in dealing with uncertainties. I like to refer to them as a set of twins, normally where one leads the other should follow.
  3. Sit-ups. A boxer needs a strong core to give them the strength to throw punches. You gotta fight back! Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. You can’t wear your feelings on your sleeves when disappointment plays another trick on your well-being.
  4. Shadowboxing. How can you beat your opponent if you don’t practice? Preparing for the fight is half the battle. Formalize a plan in your head of how to handle the ups and downs of life.
  5. Push-ups. Create strong arms, shoulders and chest muscles. Hello? You need these for issues that crop up. Your arms will support the concern, while your shoulders will allow you to handle whatever comes your way. Your chest muscles will allow that punch to not affect your heart. Remember we are emotional beings.
  6. Squats. Strengthen your legs. This is definitely important when having to bob and weave problems that can threaten to knock you out. Trouble will blindside you, coming from every angle. Being able to identify when to move and duck is imperative.
  7. Knee-ups. You gotta be able to step over the bulls—. Seriously, it’s crucial that you have the stamina to step over the uncomfortable things that don’t serve you.

Life can be hard to weather, but it’s important to train and condition your mind, body and psyche. Remember, a boxer has a rest period between each round.

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