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African singer LOMIJOH debuts rap skills on new single, ‘Lil Bossy’

Tell us about your new song, “Lil Bossy.”

My first single was like a soul, R&B song, so I like to mix both. On my next album that I plan to release, I will have rap, soul and R&B. I wrote my song in 45 minutes, and I had this beat on my mind. As a woman, sometimes you dance in the club, but you don’t really pay attention to the lyrics. I wanted a song for women about being bossy that was very powerful.

What inspired you to explore rapping for your new single?

I love making music that represents the different sides of me. Even though I’m this powerful, strong woman, I’m still very soft.

Do you plan to release any songs in French?

My first single I’m going to release in French for the album. I’m trying to write two other songs in French, but the rest will be English because I love both cultures.

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