Invest Atlanta CEO Eloisa Klementich rolls out grants to help small businesses

Please explain how the application process.

In the application, we ask you to upload your receipts for any of those expenses as of March 1. If you don’t have all your receipts, we still ask that you apply. If you get awarded, you’ll have an up-to amount. What the application asks is how much money do you need, so you’ll be able to put there how much money you need, and then we would reimburse you up to that amount. We recognize that there are some businesses where cash flow has been an issue as they’ve been closed. The Treasury has been very clear that it needs to be reimbursable grants. We’re going to allow up to three draws. Assume a business got awarded up to $30,000. They could go in and make the expense for $10,000, submit those receipts, and we would issue a check. We would do that three different times.

What technical support is Invest Atlanta offering?

We want to make ourselves accessible more than we’ve ever done in the past. There are several ways you could communicate with us should you have any questions as you’re going through this process. The first way is through email, and all of those emails are on our website. You can also call us at our customer service hotline, which is 404-880-7255.

For more information,

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