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Slim Danger says NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. has a very nasty fetish (video)

Odell Beckham Jr. (Image source: Instagram / @iam_objxiii)

NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. is trending, but it has nothing to do with the Cleveland Browns. However, Beckham’s alleged sex fetish is definitely the color of the team’s uniforms.

Beckham, 27, has transcended the sport of football because the wide receiver has some of the most spectacular one-handed catches in NFL history — and because of his movie-star looks, says his vast female fan base. However, he is also just as widely known for being a real head case during his celebrated NFL career.

Now, according to his former flame, porn star Slim Danger, the gridiron star has some rather abnormal sexual fetishes that others might find revolting and vomit-inducing.

Slim Danger, whose real name is Aereon Clark and also the mother of rapper Chief Keef’s child, shamelessly paraded the fact that OBJ loves to be defecated on. She said he also liked it when Slim Danger allegedly sent him photos and videos of her bowel movements.

Slim shared this information with unabashed zeal during her discussion with “No Jumper Podcast” with host Celina Powell and her friend Aliza.

“He loves to be s—ed on,” said Slim Danger about OBJ’s request. However, Slim Danger said she could not order her bowels to move on command. But she said Beckham had yet another, hygiene-free wish that he wanted Slim Danger to fulfill.

“He wanted me to come on a plane and he was like, ‘Make sure you don’t have any underwear, don’t take a shower for twenty-four hours’,” Slim recalled incredulously. “I’m like, ‘damn, what the f— are you on?’ This is how I got flown out. He was like, ‘Take a picture of you s—ing.’ I was like, alright, f—, I can do that. I took a whole video, b—. What you want? I sent it and, in maybe two hours, I was in Houston.”

Keep in mind that, just a few weeks ago, Slim Danger claimed that Trey Songz urinated on her without permission, which the singer later denied.

And, much like that situation, Twitter exploded with all kinds of bowel-related jokes. Flip the page to view a sampling of the hilarious memes:

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