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Vanessa Bryant blasts her mother for claiming she was kicked out of home

The Bryants (L-R): Natalia, Gianna, Kobe, Vanessa and toddler Bianka. Capri was not yet born at the time of this photo. (Image source: Instagram – @vanessabryant)

Vanessa Bryant blasted her mother since she claimed on national TV that her daughter kicked out of her home after Kobe Bryant passed away.

Bryant’s mother, Sofia Laine, explained to reporter Dave Valadez on the Spanish-speaking show Univision on Monday, Sept. 21, 2020, that Vanessa Bryant, 38, evicted her from her apartment. Laine said Bryant even told her to immediately return the keys to her daughter’s car.

Here is a quick recap of Laine’s interview snippet as it was translated by The Savoy Show:

Not surprisingly, throngs of fans recoiled at the personal revelations. The noise became so deafening that Vanessa Bryant responded with a scorching letter saying her mother’s accusations are “more than painful.”

The daughter also said Laine was physically absent and emotionally unavailable to comfort her and her daughters after Kobe Bryant, 41, and daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, 13, passed away with seven other passengers in a helicopter crash in suburban Los Angeles on Jan. 26.

As some pop-culture pundits pointed out, Vanessa Bryant did not allow her mother to speak at the massive celebrity-filled memorial for her late, legendary husband at the Staples Center back in February. Therefore, as critics say, there was evidence of a frayed relationship long before this bombshell hit the airwaves on Monday.

What do you make of this disturbing situation?