How to navigate co-parenting during the holidays

How to navigate co-parenting during the holidays
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Parents across the country are grappling with the realities that the holidays are here. It’s time to have those difficult conversations with your ex about the visitation schedule. How do you co-parent with someone you can’t stand? The fact that we have to add COVID-19 into the mix adds to the problem.

Your relationship dynamics didn’t work out. Collectively, both of you are a hot mess. Anger, bitterness and resentment have replaced that once-happy couple. Emotions are high and with the holidays quickly approaching, your nerves are frayed. The mere fact that you all have to be in the same space, even if only to make the exchange, sends your anxiety through the roof. Does this sound familiar?

Breakups are hard on kids. It’s imperative they receive your support while trying to understand the changes to their family. Judge Lauren Lake says, “You have to love your child more than you despise your significant other.” I know, it sounds easy in theory. Here’s the deal: prioritize your child’s well-being and put your own s— to the side. Your failed relationship doesn’t have to center around drama.

The safety and welfare of your precious little ones require a great plan. With the pandemic still raging across the country, more than ever, safety is paramount. Both adults must be on the same page. If celebrities like Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz can make it work, there’s still hope for you and your ex. Set aside your immaturity and put the children’s best interest first.

How to navigate co-parenting during the holidays

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