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Justin Combs partners with Justin LaBoy for new late-night show on Revolt

Sean “Diddy” Combs with sons Christian and Justin Combs at the unveiling of his highly anticipated new fragrance, Sean John, at Macy’s Lenox Square on Thursday, September 8. 2016 (Photo Credit: Sistarazzi for Steed Media Service)

Justin Combs and social media star Justin LaBoy will launch their new late night show “Respectfully Justin” on Feb. 14 on Revolt TV. The show will take a deep dive into today’s most controversial and cultural conversations, addressing sex, relationships, music, entertainment and taboo topics.

According to Revolt, Justin Combs is also the executive producer of the show which takes place in a luxurious mansion as LaBoy invites the biggest stars in entertainment to appear weekly. The two will serve viewers with raw and unapologetically real thoughts on topics and conversations that traditionally have been deemed “off-limits” in society.

“I’m beyond grateful to have this opportunity to bring my curated humor and entertaining content to Revolt. Revolt has provided us a platform to reach the masses, and our show will share our unique perspectives, provide comedy, and unparalleled experiences for viewers,” LaBoy said of his new series. “Justin and I are here to offer a safe place to discuss the realities of dating and relationships, and we’re not afraid to – respectfully – break the rules.”

The premiere episode is called “Toxic Valentine’s Day” and will feature Chris Brown with a special “Demon Time” segment complete with champagne, music and good vibes.

“’Respectfully Justin’ is big, bold, and ready to take viewers to places they’ve never been before. As viewers have already seen with our signature ‘Demon Time’ segment, Justin and I have created what is more than a show – we’ve started a cultural movement that will stir up conversations and put the late back in late-night television,” Combs commented. “Partnering with Revolt brings this even closer to home, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to bring our show to the masses.”

“Respectfully Justin” will run for a total of ten episodes initially and will air on YouTube on Wednesdays and Revolt’s linear TV channel on Fridays.