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Teen who heckled Cam Newton at his own camp is called out by Twitter (video)

Teen who heckled Cam Newton at his own camp is called out by Twitter (video)

Fans are outraged at a teenager who loudly and publicly ridiculed NFL star, Cam Newton, at a youth football camp that the pro quarterback helped sponsor for he and his peers. The teen would later apologize.

As the below video shows, the unidentified teen began berating Newton because he had a rough year with the New England Patriots and said he’s about to be a “free agent.”

Reflexively, Newton retorted with “I’m rich” to the teen’s repeated insults. Newton then tried to take a detour and asked to speak to the boy’s parents.

Newton later posted a video for his Instagram followers showing that he tried to reason with the kid instead of scolding him for his flagrantly disrespectful behavior.

The teen may have been a prisoner of the moment and was not aware of Newton’s illustrious and record-setting career. He is a two-time champion, capturing the national titles in both junior college and with the Auburn Tigers, who then won the Heisman Trophy before becoming the top pick in the NFL draft. From there, Newton earned Rookie of the Year honors, became the NFL MVP, took his Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl, made the Pro Bowl and was named an NFL All-Pro. He also set the record for the most rushing TDs by a quarterback in NFL history.

Perhaps Newton’s numbers coupled with the teen’s attitude incited such strong pushback from fans.

Another Twitter respondent said: “Imagine you get the chance to talk to Cam Newton, one of the most successful people you’d probably ever get to talk to who has made it to the NFL, won an MVP, made a super bowl, made a TON of money, and you try to talk s— instead of learning from him.”

“We live in a world where a Heisman Trophy Winner, Former NFL MVP can be disrespected by a kid at his own Football Camp…smh Heaven help us all,” a third Twitter user said.

Following the lashing the teen absorbed on Twitter, coupled with undoubtedly an unpleasant counseling session from his parents, the teen with the Twitter name Jseth Owens took to his page to offer his apology to Newton and the pro football camp.

Flip the page to view the apology.

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