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Marc Lamont Hill responds to anti-vaxxers after suffering heart attack at 42

Marc Lamont Hill responds to anti-vaxxers after suffering heart attack at 42
Marc Lamont Hill  (Photo by DeWayne Rogers for rolling out)

Black News Channel’s “Black News Tonight” host Marc Lamont Hill, Ph.D., had a huge scare recently when he suffered a mild heart attack. The award-winning journalist shared the news on Twitter on Sept. 30 that the life threating emergency was triggered from complications from an Achilles rupture several weeks before.

“I am home and recovering after a rough week. After my successful Achilles surgery on Friday, I was rushed to the ER on Saturday after suffering a mild heart attack. Turns out that I had DVT (deep vein thrombosis), which caused a pulmonary embolism. Blood clots nearly completely blocked my lungs, preventing blood flow to my heart. The doctors told me that I was VERY lucky not to have died. Fortunately, I received EXCELLENT medical care from the team at Temple University Hospital. The doctors accurately assessed my condition and removed the clots,” the media personality wrote on Instagram.

The 42-year-old Hill also warned people and especially Black men to get check-ups and not hesitate to get physicals and stop putting off doctor’s visits.

“My body is worn out and sore but I couldn’t feel more grateful to be alive and on the path to full recovery. Please listen to your bodies. If something feels off, GO TO THE DOCTOR. Don’t worry about seeming like a pain or a hypochondriac. JUST GO. Thanks to everyone who helped, or offered to help, during this terrifying time. I’m blessed with amazing friends, wonderful family, and plenty of unmerited grace and mercy,” he posted on IG.

Hill, who is completely vaccinated, also shot down theories that his heart attack was caused by side effects from the COVID-19 vaccination.

“I’m seeing videos and tweets from anti-vaxxers saying that I developed blood clots from the vaccine. This is ridiculous and completely baseless. For some, it is a cynical and dishonest claim. For others, it’s a lack of understanding of how medicine and science work,” Hill wrote on Twitter.

Check out the photo below of Marc Lamont Hill on the mend.

Marc Lamont Hill responds to anti-vaxxers after suffering heart attack at 42
(Image source: Instagram – @marclamonthill)

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