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Chef Bee says food trucks are vital to Atlanta

Chef Bee says food trucks are vital to Atlanta
Chef Bee

Chef Bee is the owner of the Atlanta food truck Everybody Eats Grill. Bee detailed how he launched his business, the importance of food trucks to the city, and gives tips to people who aspire to join the foodie scene.

How did you start this food truck?

I basically started off touching the streets of Atlanta with my plates. I would charge $25 a plate at night. We had a very high demand to the point where we had to grab a food truck for the streets. I couldn’t cook out of my kitchen anymore. It was only right that we had to upgrade and get our own kitchen, and the rest is history. We do festivals and cater to everybody [including] rappers and artists. We did it all, and I’m just glad to be here.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been in the game since 2018, and I’ve had the truck out since 2020.

How did you find out about Bonfire ATL?

Networking and bumping shoulders with the right people. We actually got a call from B0nfire to get everything rocked out.

How important are food trucks in the city?

Food trucks are essential for any outdoor setting. We run the streets. Restaurants run the strips, but we run the streets. I believe anywhere with lots of people and a food truck, it’s a perfect idea.

What do you tell somebody who’s looking to do something like this?

Stay dedicated and stay self-motivated throughout the whole process. Never get discouraged, always keep going. I’ve done jobs for $100 and $150, just to get where I’m at today. Never feel like you’re too Hollywood, and even when you get to that point, stay humble.

Where can people find you?

You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @everybodyeatsgrill.

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