Melissa Paul creates natural skin care line to bring out the royalty in everyone

Beauty and entrepreneurship are two avenues that Melissa uses to fuel her passions and provide service to others.
Melissa Paul creates natural skin care line to bring out the royalty in everyone
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Melissa Paul is the Creator of Aloe Magic and Owner of Queen Paul LLC. As a former esthetician with a leaning toward natural beauty and skincare, she’s always used simple ingredients to keep her own skin radiant and glowing.  She emphasizes the key to success is embracing one’s personal passions in entrepreneurial endeavors

Please share a bit about yourself and your journey as a beauty industry enthusiast.

My journey started years back when I attended the [International School of Skin and Nails] and received my esthetician license.  I’ve always been into natural skincare and wanted to get my esthetician license so I can learn more about skin and share my love for making others beautiful. Once I started learning about various skincare products I realized most didn’t contain high-quality ingredients nor did they work effectively on my skin, so I started creating my own products at home. I was always getting complimented on how beautiful my skin was, so I would help friends out who were having skin issues and I realized I had a natural gift. I’ve been a beauty industry enthusiast ever since. I actually enjoy traveling internationally and purchasing skincare products around the globe just to see how they work.

How important is it for women to use skin and hair products?

It’s absolutely paramount to use the right products. Our skin is the human body’s largest organ and needs the right nutrients and products to stay healthy. What you use for skin and hair can make or break your beauty routine. I’m a huge fan of natural products as I believe certain chemicals and artificial ingredients can be harmful and actually do the reverse of what we’re looking for in a consistent beauty regimen.

Can you detail the benefits of your new Aloe Magic hydrating serum?

Aloe Magic is a two-in-one hydrating skin and hair serum that can be used as a stand-alone moisturizer or combined with liquid foundation to give you an extra glow. The three main ingredients are Haitian black castor oil, aloe vera juice and rose damascena extract, which combine to fight against dark circles, pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles, pimple marks and dry skin. The same combination of ingredients are also effective in keeping natural hair moisturized and hydrated – hence assisting in keeping hair healthy and maintaining length.

What advice would you give younger women entering the beauty industry during this uncertain economic climate?

My advice would be to be fearless and confident in your product and brand, no matter what, as long as you’re creating a quality product that provides a solution to someone’s problem you’ll be successful. The beauty industry is quite vast, don’t be intimidated by all the different brands on the market. Just focus on bringing attention to your brand and showing the world why you are worth their attention and business.

Queen Paul is used to create quality skincare products that bring out the inner king and queen in everyone.

Visit and follow @TheQueenPaul on Instagram to stay connected.

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