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Ray J says sexing strippers, prostitutes isn’t cheating (video)

The reality star and businessman and wife had a vicious showdown on the latest episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’
Ray J says sexing strippers, prostitutes isn't cheating (video)
Ray J and Princess Love (Photo credit: Bang Media)

The once-blossoming marriage of Ray J and Princess Love seems irretrievably broken now after witnessing their showdown where both parties accuse the other of cheating and neglect.

During the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” Ray J explained to his estranged wife Princess why he filed for divorce. He remains embittered that she refused to visit him when he was hospitalized and nearly died.

Ray J, 41, also said that Princess, 38, left the marriage first and left him little choice but to initiate the breakup proceedings.

“You moved out of the house. You left. You left because you didn’t want to be with me no more,” he said to Princess on the episode. “You were done, that’s what you wanted.”

Princess clapped back hard, saying Ray J had other women in their home and some even wore her clothes. Furthermore, Princess said she found a condom near the bed.

The Raytroniks founder retorted by dismissing her accusations.

“I’m dying, and you still thinking about b—-es wearing your s—. That’s not right. And you wonder why I got a divorce? All I wanted to do was see my kids! And you didn’t even bring them. What kind of mother would not let me see my kids on [my] death bed? You never would’ve came to see me if I died. You just would’ve went to my funeral and then left early. That’s what you would’ve did.”

Love doubled down on the cheating issue, saying that Ray J tried to sleep with strippers and prostitutes on their wedding day. Ray J refuted the “rumor” and then defended himself by saying that “strippers and prostitutes don’t count.”

“You cheated on me by talking to some random n—a. You talking to three n—as right now. Guess how many b—-es I’ve ever talked to in our relationship? None! You grew a connection with somebody, you like somebody. I’ve never liked nobody. That’s a problem! Whether I got my d—sucked by a random in the alley or not, I don’t know this b—h’s name. Yet, you like a n—a and building a relationship with somebody is deep, and I’ve never done that. Stop playing with me.”

Listen to the squabble below:

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