Ari Lennox shares self-love message on ‘age/sex/location’ album

This album is set to take you on a trip back to the early 2000s
Ari Lennox shares self-love message on 'age/sex/location' album
Image source: Instagram – (@arilennox)

Love and sex are in the air after Dreamville artist Ari Lennox announced that she would be dropping her third studio album titled, age/sex/location.

One of the songs we can expect is her hit single, “Pressure,” that debuted September of 2021. This had fans utterly shocked that a year later she would be giving them an entire album to vibe to. Music fans can expect to hear her iconic blend of early 2000s R&B and contemporary soul.

Ari Lennox shares self-love message on 'age/sex/location' album
Image source: Instagram – (@arilennox)

Lennox has been working to build the excitement about her album by releasing track two on the album titled, “Hoodie.” It’s a slow tempo song with a lot of sultry vibes.

Could she be expressing her desire to live in her man’s skin as she sings, “Can I fit in that hoodie?” The album, age/sex/location, an early 2000s chatroom phrase, might help you understand her stance of what goes down “underneath the North Face.” All in all, no matter the way you interpret it, remember that safe sex is the best sex.

Lennox also released “Queen Space with Summer Walker, which might be a play on words for MySpace in which she sings, “let it rearrange the way you think” and “come correct or disappear.”

Millennials know all about Top 8 on MySpace, where you could easily be rearranged or even disappear from a friend’s Top 8 after a heated argument. All in all, it is also a song about self-love and knowing your worth like a true queen. It is clear that Ari Lennox and Summer Walker know what they deserve and what they bring to a man’s life. As they both repeatedly sing, “don’t waste my queen space.”

Lennox is set to release her album age/sex/location on Sept. 9. Tell us in the comments which songs you’ll be adding to your playlist.

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