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Why House in the Park was such a huge success

House in the Park celebrates 18 years of house music
Why House in the Park was such a huge success
Tracy Fortson, Dani Brockington, Lisa Brockington and Lauren Clark (Photo credit: Jada Rice for rolling out)

When you think of house music, you may be reminded of Beyoncé’s new Renaissance album or you may think of fast beats, intricate rhythms and tempos. If that is what comes to mind for you, then you are definitely on the right track. House music, created in Chicago, combines disco samples with repetitive beats. This music was celebrated in underground club culture and was conveniently referred to as house music because most DJs could create this music from their homes without an expensive studio.

Founded by DJ Ramon “Rawsoul” Guyton, the music genre featured at House in the Park has become a tradition for the Atlanta community and is celebrating 18 years of rhythm, soul and culture.

On Sept. 4, hundreds of people gathered in Grant Park to enjoy the music and rolling out had the opportunity to ask a few attendees about their experience at this year’s celebration.

What are some highlights that you enjoyed today at House in the Park?

Tracy Fortson: I love House in the Park. I’ve been coming here for 14 years and this year, they’re 18. The highlight is always the same thing which is the love, energy and care that goes into making sure that we feel welcome, and that we feel seen and celebrated. That’s always the highlight. Ramon, the founder who’s from Chicago, got busy on the turntables and all the DJs played well. The highlight for me is always the same every year. I’m happy to be amongst all these beautiful black people in this wonderful safe space. Especially after what we just went through with Covid-19 … I’m grateful that we’re here. We had mad fun.

Dani Brockington: For me, this is church. Similar to how my grandma would go to revival annually, this is my tent revival. That’s always my highlight every year. If something has been weighing you down, this is where you leave it. House in the Park is everything and I’ve been coming for years. I flew in from another country to be here today, that’s how important this was for me.

What is the biggest impact of house music?

Dani Brockington: This festival atmosphere brings everybody together in one space. You have all these different cities like Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit coming together to celebrate. House music has developed a sense of community amongst smaller communities. The impact is unity and tonight’s celebration is where the sharing of that energy took place.

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