How writer and rapper Kount Up made the smoke through multiple ventures

1 of Atlanta’s triple threats has plenty of smoke he intends to continue to produce

Kount Up is seldom idle. The entrepreneur, writer and rapper runs multiple businesses and stays in the forefront of Atlanta culture to keep up with it all. As the summer comes to a close and Kount Up gears up for the next big thing, rolling out caught up with the influencer at the Atlanta Streetwear Market to discuss fashion and his latest releases.

What are you looking forward to seeing out here at the Atlanta Streetwear Market?

Honestly, I just like to see all the Black entrepreneurs striving for greatness today, and the creativity of these different garments. I’ve been rocking with Streetwear Market for some time, so it’s just like family to me. I had to come support the brand, and really just see what other folks had to offer out here.

What fashion tips do you have for men in warmer weather?

In warmer weather, stop trying to have that stuff on, trying to overdo it. Stay light and just play with colors. Don’t think you have to be in the same tones or play safe with all whites and matching. You can find all kinds of olives, browns and different things that go together. Have fun, and show your creativity through your swag.

How connected is the Black creative scene in Atlanta?

Creativity and connection to us as creatives, from the Streetwear Market Brand and back to us, is all love honestly. They’re connected and tied in. They do amazing marketing on the ‘Gram and you know we’re all on the ‘Gram. We’re on the ‘Gram, they’re on the ‘Gram often and say, “Hey, we got one in the fall. Hey, we’ve got one in the winter.” They give us their updates, and we stay connected with them. We support by devoting time, and efforts of creating these garments so people can come out and they can support us. It’s more about networking … than anything, and I feel that’s what keeps us connected to the streets and that network and aspect of it.

Speaking of creativity, what do you have going on right now with the book, your music and anyhing else going on?

What I have going on for myself [is] I am in the process of creating a project right now, Like it or Not. I’m actually heading to the studio right after this. Like it or Not is an album, EP, whatever you want to call it, a collective body of work that’s coming to y’all real soon. So musically, that’s what I’m on.

For my brand, B.L.I.N.D.E.D. World [which is an acronym for] believe, love, invest, and determine every destiny, we’ll have some new garments going on. That’s why I’m coming here to see what the competition [has], so I can come with some heat real soon. Another book is on the way, right now, go get Halfway to Halftime, the audiobook and the hard copies [are] available on Amazon. We’re just running this entrepreneurship up.

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