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Keithian collaborates with Shelli Bradley on video inspired by ‘Say My Name’

The dynamic duo comes together to create a nostalgic music visual
Keithian collaborates with Shelli Bradley on video inspired by 'Say My Name'
Keithian (Photo courtesy of Azarian Connection)

Music artist Keithian and celebrity stylist Shelli Bradley recently collaborated on a major project that drew inspiration from Destiny’s Child’s famous “Say My Name” video. Keithian’s hit song “Chance” is a fun, compelling song with a mix of soul and sensuality.

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During the music video, directed by KingVuddha, Keithian and the lead model jaunt from room to room in a playful manner. The 1999 music video was also known for its vibrant, color-blocked rooms and creative clothing to complement the background. Keithian, who is a singer-songwriter and producer, decided to completely enjoy being an artist for a day and let Bradley bring his vision to life through fashion.

As a singer-songwriter, how did you get into production?

Keithian: I’m a musician first and I’ve just kind of been in the music circuit through labels and everything. As far as the filmmaking side of things, there was a break in music where I didn’t even want to make music. Some of my family were filmmakers, my dad in particular, and I just jumped into it myself. I then started working with a lot of people. Shelli and I connected through some of those jobs. But later my family started telling me, “you’re an artist, what are you doing?”

Did you create the set and lighting for the music video?

Keithian: I was just focused on everything else when I had to do this music video. I was like let’s just get a studio, let’s get an idea, give me a co-star, give me style, and we will figure the rest out. I didn’t do as much; Shelli and the director did the most. I showed up and I was just cooperative. I was like, “whatever you want to put me in, but can I please wear a shirt, though?”

Keithian collaborates with Shelli Bradley on video inspired by 'Say My Name'
Shelli Bradley (Photo courtesy of Azarian Connection)

Whose idea was it to recreate the Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” video?

Shelli Bradley: It was Keithian’s idea. I was brought on later and I don’t even know if I had a week to put these clothes together. I think it might have been two to three days, to be honest with you. They wanted it to be very sexy and the thing that sold me was color. I love color and it’s so colorful and bright. When he showed me his concept, I was like, “I don’t want to just do sexy as far as only lingerie. I want to add something to it.”

Can you tell us where some of the fashion pieces were from?

SB: I do have my showroom called the Bradley Studio, so we did pull some looks from there for Keithian. One of the looks we did, I don’t know if you remember the lavender jacket with the sequined wings, came from my showroom as well. I love thrifting as well because you can find some great pieces. Honestly, though, I got a lot of stuff from Forever 21.

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