6 tips on how to spot frenemies on a group trip outside the country

A group of young adults shares tips on what to look out for from their own experiences
6 tips on how to spot frenemies on a group trip outside the country
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As the story of Shanquella Robinson continues to unfold, many are heartbroken to find out further details surrounding the situation. There is a video of the 25-year-old woman being beaten while naked. She later succumbed to her injuries. She was with a group of purported friends in Mexico.

Rolling out was able to speak with young adults to find out some tips on how to look out for fake friends when planning a trip out of the country.

1. They don’t come prepared

AK, 28:

“Observe who comes prepared and who doesn’t in terms of money, clothes, etc. There’s no reason to go on a trip that you’re not prepared for.”

2. Look out for verbal/non-verbal cues

Chance Shelton, 27:

“I think it boils down to the verbal and non-verbal interactions between people. Their tone may be aggressive in their verbal responses towards a specific person, and how they move throughout the group. Such as not sitting next to each other, exchanging small chats, etc.”

3. They use information against you

Joshua Crump, 26:

“Look out for the ones who throw slick remarks about the information they know hurts you, even though they claim to be joking. However, if they are a ‘frenemy’ they would’ve shown their true colors way before a group trip outside the country.”

4. Jealous comments framed as jokes

Isha Williams, 28:

“You should always be self-aware. Notice how your friends treat you. Do they try to embarrass you but act like it’s just a joke? Are they quick to take any type of dig at you and then laugh it off? Lastly, recognize if they disrespect your boundaries and how they react if you address them. The boundary could be that you’re done drinking or you don’t like the things being said. A true friend will respect the boundaries you put in place.”

5. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t ignore it

Kaitlin Bryant, 28:

“I am not going on any trips at all with anyone I’m not comfortable being around, and if for any reason I do end up on a trip with someone I think was my friend or someone who’s a friend of my friend, I always pick up on energy from those around me, and if I do not feel comfortable I will leave the situation. A tip I would say will be to always watch out for red flags. Such as the body language of another person when you’re around, if a person always has something to say negative to something you say, and the way they act around everyone, especially when under the influence. This is the main reason I always remind myself and others. Stay true to yourself and never feel like you’re not enough. Do not try to be around others to fit in be around people who inspire you, lift you, and you’re able to do the same in return.”

6. They try to dim your light

Taahira Sheffield, 27:

“Anyone who’s not hyping you up at any point during the trip.”

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