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Kayla Tucker Adams touts her ability to make things happen

PR pro says it’s important to mentor the next generation

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Kayla Tucker Adams touts her ability to make things happen
Photo courtesy of Kayla Tucker Adams

Kayla Tucker Adams is the founder and chief strategist of KTA Media Group. KTA Media Group LLC is a full-service public relations firm specializing in media relations, crisis communications, media training, community engagement, digital marketing and strategic communications.

As a Black woman, what do you consider your superpowers to be?

As Black women, we have power beyond what most can imagine. We are powerful beyond measure. We exude a quiet strength that undergirds our families and our entire community. Black women use our knowledge and power to change the world. My superpower is my determination, positive attitude, and the ability to make things happen. My superpower is my drive, my integrity and my results-oriented philosophy in business and in life. My superpower is my critical thinking skills, problem-solving ability and creativity. My superpower is that I am an executor. My superpower is that I bring value to everything I am a part of. Last, but certainly not least, my superpower is my faith. God is with me every step of the way. I pray over not just my life and my family, but I pray over my work, my team and my clients. 

What key skills or qualities make you unique as an African American female leader? 

As an African American female leader, one of the key skills that make me unique is that I am strategic. I am also an excellent storyteller. I am very strong at finding or creating the story, especially the news hook. Another key skill that makes me unique as a female leader is that I get results. People know that when they get me, they get results. I am also skilled at building and assembling the right team. I have a very strong team of rock star public relations professionals who go above and beyond to serve the needs of our clients. We have associates in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, which allows us to effectively serves clients all over the country and internationally. 

Why should experienced Black women to reach back and help younger women of color?

It is extremely important for us to mentor the next generation of leaders, especially younger women of color. Whenever I speak, I also acknowledge the village of strong men and women that poured into my entire life. I am where I am because of the love, sacrifices and teaching of others in my life. I am forever grateful to the many people who contributed to my success, and I count it a pleasure to be able to share with the young people I am blessed to mentor.

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