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What ‘Wild ‘n Out’ cast member Thatboyfunny learned from Nick Cannon

Social media influencer goes from Instagram to television
What 'Wild 'n Out' cast member Thatboyfunny learned from Nick Cannon
Comedian and “Wild ‘n Out” cast member Thatboyfunny  (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Thatboyfunny has gone from Instagram skits to rapper and “Wild ‘n Out” cast member within a handful of years. A Florida native now residing in Atlanta, the comedian spoke to rolling out about his career while at an event celebrating super producer, artist and label executive ATL Jacob.

You’re here to celebrate ATL Jacob. What is your message to him and the Wicked Money Family?

Words of affirmation, man. Man, he already living what he’s supposed to be living. He’s turning different pages. You already know what pages he’s turning to. That man’s going up, man. I’m telling you. That boy’s tippy-toeing right now. He’s up top.

What’s your advice to any aspiring comedian on Instagram right now?

You’re not getting any younger, man, just do it like I did it. There are no excuses, especially the way this generation is now. It’s easy. All you need is this [a cellphone] and Wi-Fi. If you ain’t got no Wi-Fi, pay your phone bill. Be consistent, be different.

You have to love it first. You can’t want to do it for the money. You’ve got to love it because I’ve been doing it before the money so you’ve got to love it.

What is the most important thing you learned from Nick Cannon?

Genuine. He’s real. He’s all [about] family. Nothing business, it’s all [about] family with him. Once he sees talent, he does a lot of things. He puts people on and he’s got the platform to do it, for real.

Shout-out to Nick Cannon. He’s really changing people’s lives, and he’s given a lot of people the opportunity to be on TV, like me.

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