Cam Kirk hosts conference on MLK Day, here’s the only admission requirement

The legendary photographer wants the community to help him out in this way
Cam Kirk hosts conference on MLK Day, here's the only admission requirement
Photographer Cam Kirk (Photo courtesy of Cam Kirk Studios)

Atlanta photographer Cam Kirk has enjoyed a spectacular career. The visionary paved his own lane as a true historian of the city’s hip-hop scene and has provided a number of legendary photos of artists like Gucci Mane, Migos and Young Thug.

Now, Kirk is using his network’s reach to host the fourth annual Yesterday’s Tomorrow Conference at Cam Kirk Studios on MLK Day in Atlanta. The conference features discussions on business, art, fashion, music and community. Featured speakers include entertainment lawyer Aurielle Brooks, artist Tony Parker, designer Fani, directors of art and photography for Black Fashion Fair Donte Maurice and Ahmad Barber, A&R and media personality Wayno and poet Lynae Vanee.

Admission to the conference does not require a monetary contribution. There’s in fact only one requirement for admission into the conference, which is participation in community service.

Kirk recently stopped by rolling out to discuss the conference and some of his most iconic photos.

What does the Cam Kirk Foundation have lined up for MLK Day?

This year we’re gearing up for our fourth annual Yesterday’s Tomorrow Conference. It’s a conference I created to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s my way of gathering my resources, some friends, my network and really doing a big effort to make sure we do something for his legacy that impacts our community.

I was challenged a few years ago by a young lady I look up to in the industry, and she kind of checked me. She was like, “Why doesn’t your generation do much to celebrate Martin Luther King? His day comes and goes. You all don’t get together. You all don’t really make a big impact. I mean, you’re here in Atlanta.”

I’m a Morehouse grad, went to the same school, and it’s like, “Yeah, you’re right. Why don’t we do something? Why isn’t there an actionable thing that takes place on his day?” I took that challenge, and I created the Yesterday’s Tomorrow Conference … our conference is absolutely free, but you have to volunteer alongside us at one of our community service events. I think that’s what really makes it unique and special because you get to really see how passionate young entrepreneurs, young businessmen and young creators are about their work, and how they’re willing to give to their community and empower their community in order to receive some gems of some wisdom.

What are your top five photo shoots?

That’s tough, but I’ll go off the top. I’ll combine this one, I had the privilege to work on the Nike HBCU Yardrunner Campaign …

I was able to photograph Megan Thee Stallion as she graduated from TSU [also as part of the Nike Yardrunner Campaign] …

Second, I was able to photograph Young Thug for Giuseppe Zanotti.

I had a shoot with Migos for Rolling Stone a few years ago…

That one iconic photo of Gucci [Mane] in black and white…

Number five, I’ll keep it recent. I did Lil Baby for Budweiser and the World Cup.

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